2016 AGM

We had the 2016 AGM on Tuesday 4th October at The Prince of Wales. There is not a great deal to announce (which is hopefully good news). Here are the briefings:
For the last couple of seasons we have been trying to end the Summer League earlier to allow the Winter League to start earlier. The Chairman, Tony Shaw proposed the following:
[A] Either play all Winter League Divisional Cups on one night at three venues. Each of these venues would have to have at least 2 pool tables to allow the time to complete the competitions. The suggestions were The Prince of Wales, Benks and Ball Haye Tavern.
[B] Cancel the Divisional Cups for one year only.
The Majority vote was for option [B]. Therefore there will be no Divisional Cups for this Winter League season only.

The second proposal was regarding Doubles Merits. We have had a number of players unable to play in this competition over the last few seasons because they couldn't find a partner, usually because there was an odd number of players in their team. The proposal was for all players do be able to choose a doubles partner in Doubles Merits from any team in the Leek Pool League as long as they are registered. The partnership must choose a venue to play from, and this cannot change. This proposal was passed by a majority vote.

Finally, all proposals were voted for by a group who attended the 2016 AGM and all decisions are final

Details on www.leekpoolleague.co.uk